Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Getting Paid To Blog Just Got Easier

Lately I've been really short on time available to be spending at the computer. I certainly manage to get time in, but not nearly what I usually do unless it's a really icky day outside. That makes it hard though to do some of the get paid to blog things I've been doing as many of the companies are set up where you have to grab an opprotunity before anyone else does, or at least before all of the opprotunities are taken if there is more than one slot for it.

One company takes all the tension out of getting paid for blogging. Besides being a really great company to work for with fantastic staff working for them, PayU2blog is great on another level. You are assigned your posts every week and you do them as you can, when you want, not drooling at your keyboard waiting for an opprotunity to pop up, or praying that you click in time to grab one. It has been a real God-send for me, and I am thrilled to have found them.

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