Sunday, April 29, 2007

Got My Goat

I got a new goat yesterday... I swear this is the last one for awhile. At least until Polly has her babies and those will be home grown so not exactly like going out and buying another one. This one I didn't outright 'buy' I traded one of my mini foals for her. She's a 50 percent Nubian with the world's biggest Nubian mouth. I think the neighbors within a one mile radius are sure I'm performing some sort of weird goat ritual that somehow involves hanging a goat by it's feet. She's super sweet though and milks great. I'm getting just about 1 cup shy of a gallon a day from her already and I've only had her a day, and she's only two weeks fresh (meaning she just had her babies two weeks ago). Milk supply in any dairy animal is an arc. it builds up. So I think I'll easily see a complete gallon a day from her in no time at all. Maybe more. I'll post pictures on my farm blog when I get back in a little later. Be sure to stop by and see them.

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