Thursday, March 08, 2007

A little bit of this... A little bit of that

So much has been happening in the last few days that I've barely had time to get online. Yesterday it didn't help that hubby was home and trying to pay bills online and couldn't stay connected on the house line. For some reason every time the phone rings it boots him off. It's not supposed to, but it does, so... being the nice wife that I am I logged off and let him use it--all afternoon. ARGH He's such a great guy though, and seeing as how he does pay the bills... I guess it's a wise move.

Still waiting on hearing back on the two articles I submitted last week to AC. Should hear from them tomorrow or Saturday. It's always nerve wracking not knowing what a payment is going to be. I like the magazines and zines that you can submit to that tell you up front exactly what each piece will be worth, but AC is great too, and so far has been quite fair.

On the home front I bought a new addition last night to the farm. A big 375 pound boer buck to breed my girls to next fall. He won't be coming home until April (we're picking him up on the 18th). I'll post pictures then unless his current owner manages to send me a few by mail. She doesn't have regular internet, only web-tv so uploading pics isn't possible (I guess anyway, don't know much about web-tv). I'm looking forward to getting him though.

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S. W. Vaughn said...

What's AC - associated content? How's the pay scale there? Just curious. :-)

And how is Miss Tami? I'm attempting to catch up. Failing miserably, I think, but I'm trying...