Saturday, December 30, 2006

Once In A Lifetime MEME

Oh, I just thought of a brand new 'meme' and it isn't even a hard one. One simple question.

Pick one thing you'd LIKE to do before you die, BUT know you won't for whatever reason.



That always looks like it would be such a thrill. Something beyond measure. The feeling of power, and the rush of adreneline. I just know if I could muster up the courage to learn and do it, it would be something I'd never forget.

I know I won't do it either because I'm a chicken and I just know it would be the very last thing I'd ever do because it would kill me. I've considered bungee jumping but the same fear stopped that. It just doesn't seem to compare anyway though. Thrilling perhaps, but not quite an equal to sky-diving.

I tag: Jose, Geekmom, Bernita (yeah you, it's only one question), Kay, Cupnjava, Jules, and Robyn


Mr. Fabulous said...

Okay, can I pick as my thing "Drawing up an enemies list and then going out and shooting them to death one by one execution style until they are all gone"?

Would that count as one thing or several things?

MissWrite said...

You know, I almost picked you to 'officially' do this because I knew your answer would be a heck of a lot of fun to read... see, I was right.

Hum... well first off it only counts if it's something you want to do but know you wouldn't. I'm thinking if you're bent on world domination that idea is pretty much a given--so you must be willing to actually do it. That plus, yeah, I think it would have to count as at least two seperate acts. The writing of the list, and the actual shooting. :)

IM Cupnjava said...

I'd totally go sky diving. Back when I had an office job, the office manager's husband was an sky diving instructor. I can't remember how much he charged, but if you are ever in my area would you like to give it go?

Oh, c'mon, I'll do it with you.

>.> Chicken. Just as chicken as those show chickens.

MissWrite said...

Oh those hens in the backyard have it all over me in the bold and brave department. Sky diving--it REALLY is enticing. What was it George Carlin once said about throwing ones self out of a perfectly good airplane? LOL Yeah, I just can't see myself being able to take that 'leap' of faith.

It honestly does look like the thrill of a lifetime for those that can stomach it. for me though, I can't help thinking, it's not the fall that kills you, it's that damned hard ground.

Bernita said...

Mine involves an Ak-47 and a full-clip - so we won't go there, will we?

EA Monroe said...

Hey, I knew you were going to say sky diving!! I'll jump with you!

Okay, I'll take one passionate lover and a full blown love affair with the whole works! Yeah.