Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Toy Of The Year

I just wanted to take some time here to post about one of my all-time favorite 'gadgets'. Every year brings new gadgets into my home. Toys for writers if-you-will. Well toys for anyone with computers, but for me it's a means to make writing easier. My HP 3-in-one printer. It's a scanner, a copier, and a printer. It makes the most fantastic copies, prints beautifully, and scans right outside information right into my computer! That was the HUGE bonus. The copier has come in plenty handy, but the scanner is such a delightful tool. A long time ago I had a plain old home desktop copier. It worked fairly well for making copies and gave me fair use for my money before biting the big one two years ago. It didn't help, however, with getting a page of work into my computer. Or a picture. I can't tell you what a fantastic piece of work this copier/scanner/printer is. And the cartridges are the least expensive ones out there! Another bonus for sure. Last year my 'toy of the year' was my Alphasmart (which I still love and use constantly). This year it's my HP three-in-one. Thanks HP!

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